Turn cold traffic into loyal customers.

Selgora automates your customers journey through website widgets, email and SMS marketing automation flows.

Connect with 1500+ apps via Zapier and the Selgora API to unleash unlimited integrations.  

Automated 1 click integration for Shopify and WooCommerce stores.

20+ segments and campaigns ready to get you started.

Plug & Play

Campaign Flows

Abandoned cart (SMS + email)

Over 75% of people abandon their shopping carts online. Recover them and drive up sales with the pre-built abandoned cart series. It’s 100% automated once you tweak the emails.

Customer winback

Encourage lapsed customers to come back and see what’s new with this standard Winback Series.

Product Review - Cross sell

Follow up after a purchase with a friendly product review request email that also features other popular items a customer might be interested in.

Shipping confirmation - SMS

Let your customers know when their order has been shipped by sending an SMS message.

Customer Thank you: New, Returning & VIP's

Build customer loyalty by sending a thank you email after a purchase. The flow is different for new customers, returning customers and VIP customers.

20+ ready to use

Client Segments

You finally get to own the single source of truth for all your customer information.  Automate customer workflows with auto-updating custom attributes within your users profiles and their dedicated campaigns and user journeys.

High spenders, Black Friday buyers,
or Lost Customers?

When someone meets the criteria, Selgora automatically adds them to dynamic customer segments to enhance business intelligence and guides you on smart route to success.


Drag & Drop builder

Campaign optimiser

Design your emails with ease. Show  care for your customer’s experience.
Use any attributes to personalise your Email & SMS messages.

Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue

Add A/B Testing to your emails and see which version converts better. Use the earned know-how to maximise your KPI’s. With Selgora, you can schedule newsletters or set up ads campaigns following the customer’s journeys on your website, apps, social media,  search engines and more.

Increase your sales on auto-pilot

It’s like having your own automated CRO agency, at a fraction of the cost. 

Free for 14 days. All Features Enabled.
We will help you import your profiles for free from any software, once you switch from trial to a paid account.