Customer Segmentation

Create Customer Segments which update in real time as customer data changes. Compare segments by viewing totals (number of orders, total revenue, number of customers, average life time value, average order value, min and max life time value) and customers. Decide what marketing strategies you can apply for each segment, and then do it… With Selgora!



Manual or automated, here are some ideas to get you started:

One simple process

yet THE most customizable on the market


1) Setup your email service.

We believe each person or company is the best at the things they are passionate about, so we decided its best if we let the industry experts deliver the emails for you.

You can choose any of the top email services: Mandrill, SendGrid, MailGun (coming soon), or even SMTP if you want to send through your own servers or another service, because we want to make sure your clients receive the emails you are sending and we don’t want to enforce the use of one email service.

Also, you want the emails to come from your domain, right?


2) Create your templates

Send a text based email if you want to be personal, or a HTML email for promotional campaigns. Use shortcodes and personalize each email so the client will believe its 100% written for him.


WHY You’ll love our Template Builder

Simple, intuitive, yet extremely powerful, our Template Builder enables you to customize every aspect of your email.