Automate growth on any channel

Transform visitors into engaged customers through personalized messaging, onboarding, surveys, offers and announcements on your product, website, email and SMS.

Turning a visitor into an engaged customer can not be done only in-app or through email. It is a joined effort on all available channels.

But making your on-boarding app work well with your email, SMS and website software is hard.

Selgora creates cross-channel customer journey experiences that convert more users.
On autopilot. Code-Free

Capture more leads

90% of your website traffic is lost. Isn’t that a shame?

Selgora creates nice looking lead capture forms which you can integrate in any part of your website and collect visitors emails and phone numbers.

Stop visitors leaving

with offers that fire when exit intent is detected.

Provide a personal experience

Address your returning customers by their first name. Use any collected data in your messaging.

Show messages based on user segment: 

  • new visitors
  • returning customers
  • customers who spent at least 10.000$ on your product
  • customers who saw the pricing page 3 times
Customer discovery surveys

Create sales funnels and gather customer information which you can later use in your email and SMS campaigns.

Onboard and engage new users

First impressions matter. Make new users feel special, set the right tone and define initial goals that will bring them fast to the “AHA” moment.

Show help only when requested. Forget noisy and untimely “product tours”, that confuse more than help. Let users explore the product at their own pace and show help only when they are stuck.

Customer surveys and NPS

Capture customer opinions, NPS, preferences and save them on their profile. Leverage results to build a product your customers love.

Make informed decisions by analysing results on every segment and individual customer.

Roadmap and new features feedback

Gather feedback on features you want to implement and understand how users view them. Reorder your backlog based on importance defined by customers.

Announcements and campaigns

Use in-app product announcements to generate interest with educational content and webinars. Announce upcoming features and offers.

Target your messages to predefined user segments. 

Easy to draw

Automation flows

Welcome series

Create interest and increase engagement with your product by sending series of relevant emails that show use cases, features and benefits. Target customers based on their country, industry, business size or even personal details.

Gather feedback

Need feedback on new features? Send an email to 20% of your customers with a video showing a feature demo, then gather feedback using our forms and widgets. Wait 2 weeks, then send an announcement to all users.


Releasing a new feature? Launching an event or a webinar? Got a special offer? Create a flow that will send emails to all customers, then 2 days later send a similar message automatically to customers who did not open the first email.

Targeted offers

Creating an offer for users subscribed to your premium plan or those who have spent over 6000$ on your product? Create an SMS flow and be certain everyone in that segment will see your offer.

Churn series

Are your customers truly lost when they leave? Create a survey, gather feedback and make offers based on their answer. Then add them to a flow that will send use cases, new features and benefits once a month.

Drag & Drop builder

Campaign optimiser

Design your emails with ease. Show  care for your customer’s experience.
Use any attributes to personalise your Website, Email & SMS messages.

Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue

Add A/B Testing to your emails and see which version converts better. Use the earned know-how to maximise your KPI’s. With Selgora, you can schedule newsletters or set up ads campaigns following the customer’s journeys on your website, apps, social media,  search engines and more.

Increase your sales on auto-pilot

It’s like having your own automated CRO agency, at a fraction of the cost. 

Free for 14 days. All Features Enabled.
We will help you import your profiles for free from any software, once you switch from trial to a paid account.